Pre-vaccination potty training while living in an apartment?

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Hi all,

My puppy is just over 14 weeks. She will be getting her 3rd round of shots this Saturday. I was always under the impression that we’ll be able to start taking her out a week or so after this, but now that I’m reading more, I have a feeling the vet might suggest a 4th round since she had her first round prior to 8 weeks.

Normally I’d be fine with this because she’s still being socialized, she’s small enough to carry around, etc. However, we live in a high rise condo in a very urban area (literally no grass patches, just a tiny man-made doggy relief area.) This means we’ve been having to use puppy pads and I’m getting really antsy about getting started on actual potty training. I’m going to be very disheartened to hear we will have to wait potentially another month.

Does anyone have advice? Would 3 parvo shots be sufficient?

I feel like nobody I know has been in this predicament so I’m a bit confused on what to do in this regard.

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