Pre-puppy anxiety/blues… Anyone else?

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Long story short, my little 11 week old Shetland Sheepdog comes home in two weeks… And I had a complete meltdown over it.

I've wanted him for so long. I have been in contact with his breeder for over a year, have done countless hours of research and book reading, and have planned everything out to the best of my ability. We got him his crate, a nice comfy bed, toys etc… However, two days after putting down our deposit, I lost my cool. The anxiety was so bad that I was thinking of ways to tell the breeder that we no longer wanted the puppy we've been waiting for. I wanted to back out so bad.

It took me three days to work through the anxiety and I've come through on the other side with no doubts in my mind that we want him…. But I wanted to know if this has happened to anyone else here. Am I insane? Cause I feel insane!

Anyways, here's some puppy tax Boy name recommendations are welcome!

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