Prayers for Zelda

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Hi Everyone,

I haven’t posted here in a long time. Last summer I got my first puppy, a golden retriever named Zara. Due to COVID-19, I had to move back home. My mom loved being able to walk Zara and spend time with her so she decided to get her own puppy.

Zelda, an F1 goldendoodle, came home on Friday July 10th. She is so small (3 pounds) but cute and loves to explore. She enjoys snuggling up with you and taking a nap.

Since she came home, she had not been too interested in eating and her stool was black. Yesterday, she was pretty quiet and didn’t eat much but we thought it could be due to the big transition (she came from Mississippi to Massachusetts). However, today she wouldn’t eat at all and was extremely lethargic so we thought it best to take her to the vet.

Our vet took one look at her and said she was extremely anemic and needed to go to the emergency vet ASAP. The emergency vet said that she was very anemic, dehydrated, and had internal bleeding. They said that they were amazed she was still alive and she likely would’ve died this afternoon if we hadn’t brought her in. They aren’t sure what’s wrong with her but they admitted her to figure it out. They said it could cost up to $5,000 and she might not survive the treatment.

They called a little while ago and said she tolerated her blood transfusion well and they didn’t notice any obstructions in the x-ray. They are hoping to do an MRI sometime tonight to identify where the bleeding is and said they will call us with any updates.

I suppose I’m here just to get some support. She’s been home only a few days and I never anticipated anything like this happening. I’ve been crying all afternoon and my heart hurts for my mom. I know she loves Zelda with all her heart, as do I, and she barely has gotten the chance to bond with her and give her the best dog life possible. I just don’t understand why this is happening or how we will cope if she doesn’t make it.

Please give your pups lots of love tonight.

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