Potty Training without Punishment (Training Theory)

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Bear with me here…

I get the principle of positive reinforcement – they poop outside and get a treat, so they want to poop outside. However, sometimes my puppy poops inside. When he does, there is no punishment for it, he just doesn't get a treat. He doesnt really seem to mind that he didnt get a treat, and frankly he doesnt seem to notice that it was a mistake. I clean it up and he just goes along his merry way being a puppy.

I am definitely getting traction training to go to the bathroom outside. However, I feel that I am getting zero traction on pooping inside, less. It's like, if i can continue to take him out enough, he will go outside, but he seems to have zero incentive to hold it until the next time we go outside.

Am i to believe that one day he turns a corner and stops going inside? Why would he do that, just so he can get a treat outside? I guess that's where i'm confused.

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