Potty training regression

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Hey everybody I got two puppies two weeks ago and have been training them since nine weeks old. They were doing really good with potty training and other things, they even had two days in a row where they had only one accident in the house between the two of them. But suddenly one of them just started pooping me peeing in the house a lot, it go to where she pooped and peed in more than she did out, the other dog , Kai stayed pretty consistent until he pooped in the house this morning.

Why are my puppies regressing in potty training all of the sudden, I haven’t changed their schedule, I just feels like it’s suddenly reversed and they think they’re supposed to go in the house.

( btw I don’t use potty pads, they only use the backyard )

Also, how do I get my dogs to tell me they need to go out, is there any tool I can use Like a bell?


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