Potty Training Problem

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Hi! New here.

I’ve recently adopted a 10month Dobie girl, she’s sweet as can be, and came to me in the midst of potty training, which is fine, I’ve had and potty trained dogs before.

I’ve gotten her to go to the door to ask to go outside regularly, and we take walks multiple times a day in addition to her having access to my large, fenced backyard. The problem is, she seems to not be able to focus on pooping once outside. Peeing is regular and fine, but it’s as if she doesn’t understand she should poop outside. Even after fussing when she goes in the house. Being outside for hours at a time, or even in constant bursts to prevent her from needing to go in the house, it’s as if she waits to come back inside to go. Or, she can’t focus once we’re outside due to street noise, scent of critters, rain, etc.

I’m a fairly patient person, and I love her, but I’m at my wit’s end here. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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