Potty Training Part Two Advice???

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Hi friends! Long time listener first time caller 😂

Our pup Astro is 3.5 months old and we have been doing moderately well with potty training so far. He’s had less than 10 accidents in the month and a half ish we have had him, and usually it was because we waited too long to take him out.

Anyway! Yesterday, he started jumping at the door to go outside! He hasn’t had an accident in about a week which was great, and now he’s asking to go out! I’m delighted! But I have no idea what to do! Haha. Right now, our back yard is a mud pit that we are trying to grow grass in so we do not take him back there, we take him out the front door on a leash to go potty. He regularly pees on a patch of grass right outside the door (we are in a town house, so it’s not a lawn, it’s just a foot wide strip of grass on the other side of the sidewalk) and he’ll poop some ways down the sidewalk. Yesterday, he asked to go out, peed no problem, then later on did the same, peed, came back in and asked to go out two minutes later and pooped.

Today, he’s asked to go out 5 times in the last 20 minutes (I had to put him in his crate just to make time to type this out!!!) and he’s peed (barely a dribble) three times, sat in the grass once and laid down in the grass a second. So I’m not sure how to respond when he asks to go out. He’s definitely capable of holding it longer than 4 minutes! I’ve tried to only go as far as his normal potty spot so he knows that these are not fun walk requests, but should I be ignoring some asks to go out so he knows we can’t go out every few minutes? Should I keep doing what I’m doing and springing to action when he asks every 4 minutes?


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