Potty Training! Not rewarding but also not punishing

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My 14 week goldendoodle and I had a fantastic 1 on 1 session with a trainer this morning and she had a really good point about potty accidents – be careful not to make them fun. Charlie loves ripping up paper towels – which I’ve been allowing – which makes cleaning up accidents hard because he tries to eat the paper towel, and bite my hands when I’m cleaning up. She said if the clean up is fun for him, he may start to have accidents on purpose for the clean up party.

Charlie has a playpen and a crate. He only goes in the crate at night, and in the playpen when I’m working or leave the apartment. it’s raining in the city so he’s had like 4 accidents, refusing to pee outside in the rain and I no longer use potty pads because he tears then up like a little mad man (maybe my fault as it’s essentially a giant paper towel right?). So I’ve been calmly putting him either in his playpen if accident is outside playpen, or in crate of accident is in his crate area, cleaning up and then letting him out – all without saying a word. Hopefully this will help with overall house training but I want to make sure I’m not punishing him by doing this? I’m very concerned / dedicated to positive reinforcement training, but I’m also used to the way my parents raised our family dogs – nose in the accident with a firm “no!” (I’ve not been doing this!) They were/are great dogs but times have changed!

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