Potty training (help?!)

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Hello community 🙂 I am the new owner of a mini dachshund (she is 10 weeks old, I’ve had her for 2 weeks). I have pee pad trained her and she is very good with it, knows where to go and doesn’t have many pee accidents. There are two problems though: 1. She WILL NOT poop on the pad. If I pick her up and put her on it she will squirm away and poop on the floor. She will not poop outside either. 2. She thinks that any cloth on the floor is a pee pad (bath mat, curtain dragging, blanket, etc.)

I chose to pad train her because I’ve heard that dachshunds are very hard to housebreak. When I return to work she will be alone for 4 hours at a time so I also thought it would be good for her to be able to relieve herself in the house when I’m not there…any advice?? TIA!

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