Potty Training Gone Wrong

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Hi everyone. Our ShihTzu’s potty training has gone awry. She’s pooping and peeing inside. She’s 1 year old. She used to go exclusively on pads, it’s a bad habit we got into. We tried pads and outdoors which I’m learning doesn’t work. Our problems are several but I boil it down to bad training and laziness on our part. My kids begged for a dog, so I got it from a puppy and then trained her and she was doing well. And then I set up the kids to take the dog out as part of their chores and they weren’t doing it on time. I have been taking her on walks, she goes then, and I try to take her out every hour. She still goes inside and I feel like my house is starting to stink. I looked up ways to retrain so I have a little pen in the house that has her dog bed/house in it. Unfortunately if I leave her in there she will bark incessantly as she has a lot of separation anxiety. Any helpful tips would be much appreciated. It all falls on me now to train, feed, clean up after, and of course normal mom duties and I’m frustrated. ☹️ help!

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