Potty training 7 month old pup

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I have had my 7month old female german shepherd mix (not fixed yet) for 3 weeks and she is having a very hard time with potty training. She started out going pee in front of the door, and I thought that was a good sign because she knew she had to go to the door at least. I started using puppy pads and as soon as I did she started peeing in the bathroom instead. Shes still peeing in the bathroom and shes also decided that the big barker dog bed is her new bathroom spot. (She had one accident in the middle of our bed before she started peeing on the dog bed) the dog bed had blankets and pillows on it and was set up like a real bed. I dont want her thinking beds are the place to go to the bathroom. I take her out every 2-4 hours, and she does go to the bathroom outside. She does whine at the door to go out, but I've never actually caught her peeing inside so I dont think shes always alerting me about going outside.

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