Potty training 4mo puppy to go outside AND apartment balcony

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I have a 4mo Boston Terrier puppy who can only hold her pee for ~2-3 hours, especially in the summer heat. I live on the 7th floor of an apartment and its getting increasingly tiring to bring her down every 2 hours. I can manage to do it during the day but once night comes and I'm getting ready for bed, its a drag to bring her down. She has transitioned off of pee pads on the balcony and now knows how to potty on actual grass/dirt. I'm wondering if using a potty patch (fake/real grass) on the balcony ONLY for those late-night potty breaks will break her habit of going outside. I am also wondering if this will create a bad habit of peeing on the balcony once she is an adult.

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