Potty, barking and command issues??

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I’ve had my 10 m.o. miniature dachshund for about 6 months now. Training him has been a bit of a roller coaster, although it’s improving. Below are a few I’m struggling with at the moment.

In the beginning, he used to pee everywhere but we started to take him out every hour and rewarded him with praises and treats. Now we have barely have accidents. I still take him out every hour to potty though because I fear he’ll have an accident. However, I’m afraid of getting him used to this as I won’t be able to take him out so often when I’m busy at work or out running errands in the future.

Another problem we’ve been having is that he is always barking and going crazy (lunging) when seeing neighbors and other dogs, especially other dogs. I don’t know how to get him to stop. He does this on our yard while we’re taking him out to potty or when we’re out on walks. I know he doesn’t dislike them because when I let him get close to the other dog, they become playful with each other. And I know he gets along with dogs because he was enrolled in daycare (and got along well with other dogs) before the shut-ins were enforced.

The last problem I have with him is that he isn’t very good at listening to commands. He knows how to sit but won’t do it every single time we ask. He does it ONLY when we have a treat in our hand. And yes, we’ve practiced with treats and without it get him to associate sitting with treats.. but if he doesn’t see or smell the treat, he won’t do it. Same thing goes for “come” and “stay”. He will ONLY follow commands when there is food.

Does anyone have any advice for any of these issues?

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