Potty accidents

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We adopted our wonderful pup Blondie 3.5 weeks ago. When we brought her home she was sleeping through the night and took very well to bell training (ringng the bell by day 3) with only 1 accident in the first two weeks. As of three days ago she has woken us at 4am after having pooped either in my closet, or my son's room. No change in diet or routine so idk whats going on. There are usually 2 piles, 1 is solid and formed, while the other is very soft and almost liquid like. Vet reports no health issues. Her last walk of the night is usually around 11-11:30pm and first walk of the day is 5:30am. Any suggestions as to what's going on? She typically sleeps in our bed, or in my daughter's bed. We are working on crate training as well, but with COVID someone is always home. Once a week I do try to get everyone out of the house for 2-3 hours so we can leave her in her crate. On Tuesday she will be 18 weeks old.

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