Post spay 13 days and my dog’s skin doesn’t seem like it’s getting closer/tighter

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Really I'm just looking for a reference point. Given the Covid situation we've been communicating with our vet via phone calls and emails. It's been like pulling teeth to get any info and when I do finally get some it's very vague and honestly I'm not even sure correct.

Anyways my 11 month old dog got spayed 13 days ago, she has her check-up tomorrow. She got staples for the incision. The actual wound seems like it's healing accordingly. However the skin tissue doesn't seem like it's moving nearly close enough to be able to have the staples removed. I've sent pictures and emails to the vet to which they've said it looks ok. But really I just need a sanity check at this point because in mine and my girlfriend's eyes it doesn't look close enough to be ok at all. I wanted to see if anyone else had this experience and to see that my paranoia isn't justified and it's supposed to look strange.

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