Possible separation anxiety/spite pooping?

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My boyfriend and I adopted our dog, an Akita/Pitbull cross back in November. He’s roughly 5 years old, basically no idea on his past as he was picked up on a reservation, but he wasn’t fixed until he got to the shelter. Really great temperament, not aggressive in any way, and low to medium energy (also don’t know if it’s relevant but he’s on a raw diet).

Our only issue so far is that if he’s left alone for longer than 20 minutes, we will most likely come back to an accident in the house. Doesn’t matter if he just went on a 30 minute walk where he completely empties his bladder and poops multiple times, it’s like he keeps a little bit in the tank just to mess with us.

We’ve tried leaving music and movies on for him (he’s a big Tarantino fan), puzzle toys, anxiety jackets. I’m iffy on leaving him in a crate because at the shelter he would lick his paws til they were raw because of the chaotic environment and I don’t want to trigger anything like that in him, but willing to try.

Honestly any advice or tips or stories will help, he’s the best dog and I just want to make sure he’s the happiest guy he can be, so I don’t want it to be something I’m doing wrong that’s causing this.

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