possible male puppy UTI

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sourced from: https://www.reddit.com/r/puppy101/comments/jv4umy/possible_male_puppy_uti/

Here`s another great article:

Max is just over 5 weeks now. He’s a boy and half golden retriever half shiba inu.

When we go potty outside he usually pees once but it’s been often he’s done it twice? And when we come inside he licks himself for a minute or so, maybe more. I’ve seen a bit of cloudy liquid on his wee (his pee looks normal though) after he pees sometimes, not always.

am I being overly cautious and creating a worry out of normal puppy behavior or could this be signs of a UTI ???

online research isn’t helping much; most information is for young females

EDIT: he isn’t whimpering when he pees or arching at all, not obvious signs of pain

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