Pooping on command?

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We got our 1.5-2 year old lab/great Pyrenees/etc mix from a shelter about 9 months ago. He's a wonderful dog in the house and the yard, but he's definitely got some leash reactivity. We're working on his leash issues, but there's some times of day where we cannot go on a walk (just too many other people/dogs out). We have a decent sized fenced yard, but he has never defecated in it. He will only poop on walks.

I'm trying to put poop on command (giving a command right before I can tell he'll poop and treating after), but I'm struggling to know how to transition to using it. I don't want to give a command he can't/won't obey, and it's very hard to tell when he needs to poop in the non-immediate term.

How do I teach him that it's okay to poop in the backyard? How long should I wait between eliminations before I can ask him to try pooping there? How can I tell when he's not listening/understanding versus when he doesn't need to poop?

This is more feces talk than I've ever been a part of…

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