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I have a 1 year old male Shikoku mix and lately I’ve been having a real issue with him pooping on the sidewalk or road without warning. My dog has done this both walking and running. He knows how to pee on command with the cue words “go peepee” but I can’t get him to understand “go poop” so he can start pooping on cue in the grass (which I give him plenty of chances to do for about 10 minutes or more).

I’ve noticed when I’ve given him chances to go poop and I try to pair the action with the new cue I can’t because he just plain won’t go and just wants to sniff and pee on things instead which is really frustrating. Even when he does finally go poop he is constantly walking and pooping, he doesn’t stand still like most dogs which is also annoying because he doesn’t stop at all and gets poop everywhere. He even runs and poops while playing and doesn’t wait for it to fully come out so it just goes everywhere. Is there any way I can fix all these issues?

Also i’ve taken him to the vet to rule out any health issues and he is perfectly healthy.

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