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We got our mini golden doodle at 8 weeks. From 9- almost 11 weeks he was biting my hands and anything he could get to, hard, and shaking his head. Doing the piranha move of biting biting biting. Yesterday he turned 11 weeks old. For the last 2 days, he has totally stopped the biting behavior and is showing incredible bite inhibition (extremely light touching with his mouth, very cute). Two things helped: first, more sleep and napping because I counted the hours and realized he was only getting like 16 hours of sleep which is not enough at his age. Second, I picked up someone’s (thank you!!!!) tip of putting him in time out when he bites to hard. If he bites with any force, we say ouch! or no, and then airlift him to the bathroom. We put him down and close the door for 10-30 seconds (started at just 10). We had to do it a few times in a row, and then a couple of times later in the day, and his behavior is already night and day. I am amazed at how smart this boy is.

Note that we don’t fuss when we put him in the time out. We just do it quickly. And someone said if you don’t do it EVERY SINGLE TIME you might as well just not do it because he won’t be able to figure out the reason and make the connection.

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