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I hope I have chosen the right flare – it seems like this applies to a few of the options.

Hello everybody! My pup is 8 months old, a lab/American staffordshire terrier/boxer mix. He gets along with people (we are working on no jumping up on them!), and plays incredibly well at the dog park! He is a obedient pup, but not very food motivated. In the past month, though, he has developed a very reactive and aggressive attitude when on leash specifically towards other dogs on our walks. If he doesn't start lunging wildly, (note he's 60 pounds and growing), then he will wine like crazy. It is only on leash. Today was the first time he gave a big ol' unprovoked woof at a small corgi. I genuinely think that he just wants to play, but his level of excitement is through the roof when he can't and I'm scared that this is getting worse. I've done research on this and read about reactive thresholds, but sometimes it feels like it can't be predicted. One day it's 5 feet and the next it's 40.

There aren't any dogs or owners we know in the area, and we live in a high covid area currently, so breaking quarantine isn't something we can do for the sake of training.

Has anyone had any experience with this? As the title suggests, I'm hoping it's just a phase, because the anxiety it brings me when we are walking is insane. We have tried sitting and we have tried turning around when he shows the first sign of undesired bit of behavior. Neither have worked so far, since once he get's turned around he loses it.

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