Please Help Me With Crate Training Puppy :(

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So we've had our puppy for 8 days now and we're trying to get him to sleep in his crate. The first night he poo'd, wee'd and was sick in the crate and continued to bark, cry for 2 hours. We then put the crate in our room and he cried a bit but then went to sleep within 10 mins.

We want the crate to be downstairs and not upstairs but every time we try he cries & barks non stop.

Just tried to put him in his crate upstairs and he barked & cried until i came back, i was trying to leave him for a minute and then reward him if he was quiet for a minute but as soon as i leave the room he just barks asap.

I've tried to put him when he falls asleep as well and he stays asleep but as soon as he wakes up its just noise again 🙁

I just want him to bark it out but 2+ hours non stop is tiring.

Any help would be great

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