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I have a nearly 10 week Boston Terrier and he is doing mostly great.

His crate training is on point, sleep at night no issues, and he goes by himself to have naps. Potty training is doing really good most days with no accidents. Biting is doing good too, I think redirecting is slowly working. The guy is a lazy dog to be honest and that helps with the above.

Now obedience: he doesn’t like training sessions, I’ve tried after sleep but he is too excited to pay attention, after eating he has no food motivation, after a play session he is too tired to care, before eating he is too hungry to concentrate I guess, he straight up bites my fingers with the treat.

My reality in two weeks is that he only does Sit consistently, the rest not really much progress and I even see some regression. He doesn’t do down at all, the paw he only does it when he really wants something (bowl of food, get in my lap) and no with treats. Stay depended on the day, leave it he does it only if my hand is covering the treat, and has no idea about relax/settle. I’ve tried treat/praising when he does it naturally, but he really doesn’t do much on command.

Help me set my expectations here, is he too young? Should I wait a few more weeks/months? Should I try a different time of the day? I am not sure, and I am getting frustrated with his indifference on our training sessions and obedience progress.


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