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I have a 9 month old pitbull/rottweiler/gsd. He was a stray that was found and adopted by me when he was 4 months, and we initially thought he was pit/lab until the DNA test. Anyways, ever since he turned 8 months, no matter how much exercise and mental stimulation I give him during the day, at 7/8 PM every night he goes batshit. He will jump in my bed and bite at me while I’m under the covers, and if I yell at him to stop he will sit there and bark at me. I tried making sure he had one of his favorite chews to distract him tonight and we went on a walk around 5 PM, but he just got done with tonight’s episode and is now peacefully sleeping at my feet. Having a 70 lb dog doing this to you every night is exhausting. Please help.

EDIT: He is ridiculously smart and we have been doing training since I got him. He knows a lot of different commands, but getting him to listen to me and actually do them is a whole different story. Teenage dogs, man

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