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I have Coonhound/lab mix he is 7 years old he was given to me by my sister he is well adjusted to people, but he is a absolute terror to walk on a leash he barks to the point where it sounds like he is injured or someone is hurting hum even tho we are just trying to walk and forget it when he sees and animal like a bunny or squirrel it gets so much worse ill record it next time but he goes just insane pulls me and i have to hold him by the harness and wait till his episode is over i dont know how id even go about fixing his behavior on the leash its such a change from my shiba inu who i never had a problem with at all no so much as a peep and was friendly to all animals but so far he seems indifferent to dogs not really interested in them just small animals. Any help would be greatly appreciated im really at a loss on how to fix this behavior

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