Play is too rough and separation anxiety between puppy and senior Siberian huskies

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I have a 10 year old Siberian husky dog and a 11 week old Siberian husky puppy. They're not related, but get along great. Maybe too well?

Their play is really rough, and after learning about puppy growth plates and spiral fractures, I'm terrified. Not to mention the older husky's bad hips. Neither of them have been hurt yet, but I'm sure all the body slamming and pawing and biting are taking a toll on each of their bodies.

Thing is, they're nearly impossible to distract during playtime and it's very difficult to separate them. The only way we've been successful is to do group training, give them a chewy treat, or take them out on walk, but as soon as that's over they're back to playing again.

Separating them within the house has been impossible from day one. They both will whine and scratch at barriers for hours. They don't have separation anxiety with us humans or when one goes out for a walk on their own.

Crate training with the puppy is going well but we're taking it slow. Our senior husky is not crate trained despite professional training because of a very traumatic experience she had before we got her as a puppy. So it's not as simple as putting them both in crates to relax.

Kinda losing my mind here. Any suggestions before I bring in a pro?

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