Play biting in 9 month female German shepherd

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I know this question get posted here every day but please help

So um Ash is more on the agressive side while playing

Even tho we tried to correct this behavior we didn't succeed in every aspect

Ash likes to bite on shoes and flip flops so when someone comes from work she will jump to their face,almost hitting them Then sniff them

Then becomes determined to get take their shoes

And she would hurt us while doing so

And another thing when she's playing and she senses im not intrested or im going inside
She sprint with her full speed trying to bite my hand ot feet…. now sometimes she does bite but it is not painful or serious bite that break skin or anything yet it feels she's serious or having a "zoomie" like grawling and ears are back and speed at 100mph like she genuinely scares me

But indoors she's a cuddly sweet heart who would let me touch her paws tail and wouldn't even scratch me

I dont know what to do, im taking full responsibility in this , i know i did sommthing wrong i just dont know what or when

And i really need help


There you go fetishist😂

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