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Morning all. During lockdown in the UK we have realised how much our bichon (Colin, 1 year old) has missed and loves the company of other dogs. He's been well socialised since a puppy with a dog walker and doggy day care. When we walk him now he just wants to play with every dog because he hasn't had that interaction for a while.

We've talked about getting another puppy before however we'd like a friend for him (we'd obviously love another dog). He's never left for more than 3 or 4 hours between us leaving the house, dog walker coming and us coming home. During that time though we think he'd love the company.

We're looking at a miniature schnauzer. Our research suggests they're a similar temperament to a bichon and probably getting a girl. She will be neutered, Colin is done too.

My question, does anyone have any tips? I'm not concerned about Colin being unfriendly, aggressive or protective. He really is the friendliest dog ever. I just don't want to get over confident and with them both being at different stages of training I don't want Colin to go backwards.

Any help is appreciated!

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