pitbull puppy troubles

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puppy troubles!

I just recently got a baby pitbull who was separated from his mother at only 4 weeks. I understand the issues that come with early separation but I wanted to take care of this puppy who no longer had a mother! The first week went well and the puppy was very calm so to speak but i’ve been struggling these past few days because I hate seeing him whine and cry but the second we wakes up in his crate it’s non-stop! He only falls asleep at night if he’s snuggled between my legs and i’ve tried getting him accommodated and used to the crate but everything goes to hell the second it’s dark and i’m nowhere to be found. (i’ve even tried laying next to the crate and pet him through the bars but he still cries)

He’s also been a big biter as of recently. I have plenty of bite marks and scratches across my arms and feet and he hasn’t learned the meaning of no yet no matter how many times i try to correlate him biting with punishment. Speaking of which, he will only calm down if i hold him to my back door leading outside since he doesn’t seem to be a fan of the outdoors yet but i also don’t want him to be afraid of being outside so i’m at loss on how to teach him. Advice would be super appreciated !!

I just want this little guy to be good and be in a loving home so i hate to see him cry and whine but i’m unsure how to deal with it because i’ve never dealt with puppies this young who clearly don’t have the attention span to learn basic obedient skills. I just need a little bit of sleep back too! he’s been extremely fussy at night as of recently.

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