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Hello all! Looking for some advice with our 8 month old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He’s recently become a very picky eater and we’re unsure of what to do!

Beginning at 4 months he was eating Purina Pro Plan Focus Puppy Small Breed kibble mixed with a little of Caesar’s wet dog food. We started fading out the Caesar’s wet food and gave him just the kibble – which he was fine with and eating for a while! At one point, we were also sprinkling some boiled chicken on top of his kibble to make it more enticing but stopped doing that as he’d sometimes get stomachaches. He was fine with the kibble only for a while until he refused to eat it unless we sprinkled some treats over it. As of a few weeks ago, there was no additive to the kibble that our puppy would like! We figured he’d gotten tired of the kibble and changed it up. A few days ago, we switched to Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain-Free Small Breed Puppy Recipe and he loved it! We were happy since this was the first time we saw him excited about food again. But it was short lived as he is again refusing to eat the kibble!

We’re looking for advice/recommendations for picky puppy eaters and/or if you’ve gone through this before with your puppy. It should be noted that our puppy LOVES treats, but as he’s a growing puppy we want to make sure he’s eating his food to gain necessary nutrients!

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