Perfecting "watch me" "look" command – looks everywhere but at me when distracted

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I've recently been informed of the importance of "watch me" command when it comes to getting your dog's attention to follow a command while distracted. The problem started when I realized during walks he'd lock on to a rabbit, lizard, or neighborhood kid & simply wouldn't listen to me if I asked something as remedial as "sit". I've used treats prior to "watch me" to get him disinterested in the distraction but he would literally make his nose avoid the treat so he could continue watching. This is when I started training the "watch me" indoors which he picked up quickly & will do on walks as long as he's not distracted.

Once he sees something and won't disengage I've tried the 180 redirect several times in a row. This doesn't seem to disengage him, he just keeps his head on a swivel. Since teaching "watch me" I know he's listening because he'll sit but is adamant on not looking me in the eye. We've even had one of us block his view while the other holds a treat saying "watch me". Which he just bobs his head to one side of the body or the other trying to see around the visual blockade. I've even tried to gently pull his head towards my gaze when doing this command & having my husband block his view and he will then avert his eyes everywhere but mine. (he's a smart little bugger haha)

I don't know how to push past this plateau. We're still continuing to train this indoors daily, and as I said he has no problem (indoors or outdoors) when there isn't a sufficient distraction but adding in distractions is the next step of training.

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