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So we’ve had our little monster for two and a half weeks now…. he’s been SO good with the house training. Hasn’t had an accident on the floor in two weeks!! which i know i should be very happy about, and I am. the problem is, he pees mostly on the wee wee pad. he always lets us know when he needs to go out to poop. he’ll stand by the door and cry a little and we know it’s time to go out. he hasn’t pooped on the wee wee pad in probably two weeks as well. but he just does not care about peeing outside. well take him out, he’ll poop, and he’ll come right back inside and pee on the wee wee pad. sometimes he’ll pee outside, we always give him treats for it, but he does not let us know when he needs to pee and is perfectly content peeing on the wee wee pad. I don’t want to take away the pad yet, i think he’ll just go on the floor where the pad was. any advice on how to train him to let us know he needs to pee??

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