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Hi everyone, I posted the other week about potty training but I wanted to post again about something that is truly baffling me.

Me and my now 16 week old Aussie mix have sort of started to get into a groove with potty training (I only got her 18 days ago) and she has been good about going outside almost every time we go. But without fail (and I mean WITHOUT fail), she pees inside my apartment every single evening around dinner time. We have had ZERO accident free days and I must spend at least 2 hours a day outside with this dog if you add up all the potty breaks. I thought the evening accidents were my fault, that I wasn’t “controlling the environment” well enough, and as a result I’ve been trying to take her every 45 minutes starting around 4pm to pee. But tonight, LITERALLY not even 4 minutes after coming inside from her potty break (where she did pee), thinking maybe I finally preempted the accident this time, she just walked over to my kitchen rug and just peed again all over it (it was a full pee too, not just a few drops). I immediately yelled no (didn’t faze her), put her in the puppy pen while I cleaned it up but I’m just completely confused. What am I doing wrong that makes her do this? I’ve been allowing her gradual (heavily supervised) access to the rest of my apartment outside her playpen, but I’m at a loss if I can’t even control an accident 5 minutes after a potty break.

And for added context, I live on the 5th floor of a large apartment complex and it takes forever to get outside so it’s really not possible to rush her outside mid-accident.

If anyone has advice, this is killing me. I have been diligently following all of the articles & advice & training methods, and she’s a smart dog, and she certainly CAN physically hold it longer than this, and I still feel like I’ve made no potty training progress. What am I doing wrong?

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