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Let me start by saying our 4 month old Aussie pup is quite house trained. He can sleep 8 hours with no accidents and during the day he’s really good about signaling when he needs to go pee. He typically paws at the door or at our legs. As long as he’s content, he never has accidents.

Then about a week or two ago he started peeing in the house. It never happens when he’s calm or when he’s getting lots of attention with us. It’s always when we’re in the same area as him and he’s very hyper but we’re sort of ignoring him, like when we’re watching tv in the evening. Typically he can go two or three hours during the day without any issues. If he’s in a mood, he will pee in the house 30 minutes after peeing on a walk. I’m very sure he’s doing it for attention or out of spite since he never had accidents before and nothing changed in our bathroom schedule.

Can anyone recommend a fix?

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