Parvo Puppy from AKC Breeder of Merit

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Critter just turned 6 months and upon purchase the breeder gave me shot records saying she vaccinated him with all 3 parvo shots. My “to do” was microchip and rabies vac at 6 months.

I immediately scheduled the rabies vac/microchip counting 6 months from birth to this week when we arrived home with our baby. Tuesday, the night before his vet appointment he threw up at 10/11/1:30a. I thought it was strange but didn’t attribute to parvo.

Wednesday, when we got to vet for apt. I said we were here for apt, but his tummy is sick. They immediately tested for parvo. He indeed had parvo. I was in disbelief crying. We luckily caught it within 10 hours but he has been there 3 full days and is still sick.

I immediately notified the breeder because she gave me a verbal year of health guarantee. And I wanted the 10 sibling owners to be notified their pups could be susceptible even w shots breeder administered. Breeder said year of health wasn’t for communicable disease but for genetics. She was in disbelief herself.

I showed my vet the shot records from breeder and they said it appeared she only gave one parvo, but breeder still claims she gave all 3 just the records were not as clear as they could’ve been to demonstrate that. She sent me pictures of empty viles saying see (doesn’t prove anything) but I do think she administered the 3 parvo shots, maybe she just didn’t take good care of the temps of the meds and therefore was an ineffective vaccine.

I have a question for you- does financial liability fall on ME for parvo treatment? Im estimating at minimum $500 for treatment and vet made me throw out his $300 worth of toys (yes he is spoiled).

The breeder said she would replace him if he passed due to a genetic disorder but not for communicable disease even though she was the one that gave parvo shots. She kept asking where we had been- no where it’s freaking pandemic and I know not to take a puppy to a park until he has all vaccines. The point is not where he got it but that he got it period! HE SHOULD HAVE NEVER got parvo in first place!!!

She did offer $200 saying she knew it wouldn’t fully cover the treatment. I think I have a small claim if I want to pursue it, but I’m just not sure if I should. We were planning on using same breeder to purchase a powderpuff for Critter to have a friend.

Please note I know he will be okay because we caught it SO early— divine intervention. I’ve visited every morning, lunch and after work. He looks better each visit just does not want me to leave him.

What would you do? 1) Take the $200 2) Ask for full reimbursement of treatment 3) Ask for at least half reimbursement of treatment 4) Take her to small claims for treatment/toys/time off work/court cost

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