Our puppy won’t let up on our older dog and is growling at joggers.

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Good morning, We recently adopted a 5 mo Blackmouth Cur. We already have a 3 yo Beagle mix who can be a little bit timid at times. Most of the time they play fine but sometimes the cur won't let up while biting at the Beagle's neck. The Beagle will yip to let her know she's gone too far, however most of the time the Cur still won't let up.

Additionally, we had her out hiking for the first time yesterday and anytime a jogger came running in the opposite direction she would start growling. We're assuming she felt threatened. We're assuming it was her first time experiencing people running at us some it was probably protective in nature? We're talking about taking her for walks where there are a high quantity of runners to teach her it's normal.

Any advice on either issue?

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