Our puppy is already sick after two days of being home with us.

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I really didn't know what flair to use (puppy blues or health or vent?) but I just picked one.

On Friday (June 26) we drove to Ohio to pick up an eight-week-old miniature Aussie who we've named Luna. She's so tiny (only two pounds or so, which is…very concerning. Any advice on that?) and was pretty nervous to start. After about ten minutes into the drive home she got more excited and wanted to explore the car, but we made sure she stayed where we could see her and on the clean seats where we put a puppy pad just in case. We stopped at the store a half hour into the drive and let her pee (which wasn't very much) and then drove for another half hour before stopping at a McDonald's for us to use the bathroom. When we got there I poured a little bit of water into a portable bowl for her (water bottle, sealed) and she drank a little bit. Five minutes later I took her out of the car to go potty and while she was in my arms, she started heaving and then puked all over the ground. It was orange and very watery, and I was super nervous but my mom assured me that it was most likely carsickness or stress, so I calmed down. We continued home but in the last five minutes of the car ride, Luna pooped all over the puppy pad and it was a little watery and extremely green (oh, and the stench! Gosh, we were all dying). I was nervous about that too…

Anyway, all seemed fine from then on. She didn't want to eat much on the first day, but she did go pee a few times when we took her out. Luna was also very tired and seemed sad, which we thought was because she wasn't with her mommy or siblings.

On Saturday, she pooped on the floor once, then peed outside some more. I got her to eat a forkful of wet food (I have no clue how much puppies are supposed to eat because I haven't had a pet since my cat in second grade.) and she seemed to really like it, which I thought was great. She also seemed more energetic and very curious about the house, wanting to walk around and explore a little.

Today is when everything went south. 🙁

Here's the list of events that my mom sent me after I called the vet this morning:

•She ate last night around 12:30am •She pooped liquid/loose around 1:00ish-brownish •She pooped this morning around 4:30- darker brown color. •5:45 – vomit blood •5:50 – diarrhea which was basically brown water and stunk to high heaven.

We immediately called the 24 hour emergency vet which is in Indianapolis (40 min away) and began to drive over. Poor Luna was extremely lethargic and had not eaten since 12:30 am, and we began driving at around 6:30. I am basically crying and super nervous at this point. We get there and they make us fill out her paperwork (which my dad marked DNR and I am still super sad over and I regret letting him do so) before they test her for parvo. Right before and after the test Luna got a little more energy and was extremely whiny and wanted to be pet and held, but I was nervous to do so because I didn't want to hurt her stomach or have her poop everywhere (spoiler: she pooped all over another puppy pad and got it in her fur). The nurse came back with an estimate ($1350-$1950) and said that we had to pay upfront before treatment. She also told us that the parvo test came back negative, which yay!, but because Luna is showing all signs and is so young, it could be a false negative and they will not rule it out. We paid the $900 and now she is going to be in Indianapolis for at least a day or two, if not even more, and now I am really, really upset. Any advice or comfort for an anxious teen?

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