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I have a 14wk border collie pup who is an extreme biter (I post about it quite often). On the phone to the vets and the vets recommended that when he won’t stop biting to put him in a secure room eg bathroom with his nylabone and let him chill out for a few minutes.

I did this and he scratched at the door so bad that you can see the wood now. I’m not bothered about the door, but is that an indicator that it was too traumatic for him? Obviously I want him to learn, but I don’t want to scare him.

The bathroom is the only room that is fully secure so I wouldn’t know how to give him a time out otherwise. I just want to check that he’s okay and that these timeouts aren’t going to stress him out and cause anxiety.

(He was in there for about 2mins the first time out, then 3, then 4)

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