One week in, want to balance doing this right and taking care of myself

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So I got a beautiful beagle puppy names Oliver last week. He is wonderful, but also exhausting. I did so much research ahead of time, I spent two months educating myself on everything dog and puppy related. I've never had a pet before, I knew I was in for it, but I wanted to do this. But research is one thing, doing it is something else. He is 13 weeks old btw.

So, in no particular order, this is where I'm at. Could use both encouragement and advice.

Puppy wants tons of attention and to run around and everything. That's fine, I let him run and play at times in the house (when I can supervise) and I take him out for a longer walk once or twice a day. Otherwise I keep him in a puppy playpen. He HATES that place. Sometimes he will play in it, usually he will sleep in it. Maybe it's because I wore him out before putting him in there, who knows. On the on hand, I don't want to be mean. On the other hand, I can't watch him every second of the day AND do my work AND take care of myself (eat, do something relaxing for me, etc), so this is essential. I ignore his cries from the pen and he eventually lies down. Well sometimes he tries to stage a puppy jailbreak, but I'm trying to stop that lol.

Potty training. This is also where the pen comes in. I have a LOT more success avoiding accidents when he is in the pen. I take him out constantly, but I'm learning I need to limit the trips. He wants to go on long adventures every time, but I have things to do and I can't take him around the whole neighborhood every potty break. So I take him out briefly, I've gotten good at telling if he needs to pee or poop (poop means longer) then I basically use the leash to stop him from wandering and direct him back to the house. If he refuses and just lies down (happens but rarely) I pick him up and take him back inside.

Crate training and overnights. I think I dropped the ball here. When I first brought him home, that first night I put him in the crate, he just lay down and went to bed. No effort. Now a week later he's not so willing to go in at night and whines. He can make it through the night without peeing, so I don't get up. I need my sleep, he wears me out during the day and if I can't get a good night sleep I will loose it. I probably need to work harder at making him like his crate and his pen. Btw, he has never had an accident in the crate, I have it setup perfect (like I said, research).

Otherwise, I make time to play with him every day, usually in the morning, at lunch, and after work. I'm incorporating the longer walks to tire him out more, I like that because one of the reasons I got him was to make me get off my lazy ass more lol.

Just posting things because I'm exhausted, but then I snuggle with him and feel great. I'm not giving up, just always looking for support.


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