One of the best safety tricks before your puppy knows anything

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I’ve learned from my vet than puppies are much more likely to die from a behavioral issue than an illness so I thought this would be important to share.

Now my dog is just about the craziest high energy dog outside and will dart to anything but she can do this and learned it quick.

Basically my puppy will immediately stay if I drop the leash.

I’m a bit clumsy but there’s been times I’ve been holding an umbrella and maybe a phone as I’m walking my pupper and I dropped the leash. My puppy freaks out and starts running or sees a rabbit and chases them. I’ve also seen my puppy run across the road at almost the worst time possible when a car was zooming by. I nearly had a heart attack and contemplated jumping in the road at the moment in hopes the driver would brake for me.

By default your puppy has to at least know sit or stay. Since most puppies love walking they’ll pick this up pretty quick. Start by gently putting your leash on the ground and tell your dog to sit or stay. Pick up the leash with excitement and energy and treat your dog.

Increase the difficulty slowly. Eventually you’ll want to randomly drop the leash in the middle of walking and reward her for obeying. You can eventually even be running and do this. There can even be a distracting dog or person and my dog will do this.

My dog is still crazy in any other case though.

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