Omg my puppy won’t stop farting. It’s awful

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Lulu is a 7 month old mini bull terrier. She has been eating purina pro plan puppy focus kibble since she weaned off milk. This past week or so, she’s been farting all day. It’s horrible. She’s still eating the same food. Her breeder recommended it and all her dogs eat purina pro plan. I haven’t given Lulu any new treats or anything.

The only possible culprits I can think of are purina pro plan did a change recently of their packaging but I’m not sure if they changed the formula. From what I think I read, it was just the packaging that changed. But I never took a look at the ingredients.

Also, could it be that she’s getting her first heat soon?

She’s sleeping next to me right now and I’m dying over here lol. She has no other issues. Her poops are still the same, her appetite is the same, and all that.

Does anyone know what could be causing this?

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