Older puppy still biting during playtime?

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My family got a standard poodle puppy about a year ago, she's 14 months old now. She is extremely high energy and needs several MILES of walks/biking in order to sleep for about an hour while we eat dinner. My mom and sister literally spend ALL DAY entertaining her or otherwise she will bark constantly. They have only used Zak George's positive training techniques, treating good behavior etc. To her credit she is a very smart dog and learns tricks very quick. But boy we are at a loss on how to fix this.

When she wants to play, she gets overexcited. What starts as normal play quickly turns into jumping, snarling and biting our clothes and arms. She doesn't break the skin, but it leaves bruises and HURTS. Especially because she is so big now. We have tried all of the positive-training techniques online; making a high pitched "ow!", leaving the room and ignoring her, praising her when she is playing nicely, etc. But it's only getting worse. She is especially targeting my sister to a point where she has ripped insane amounts of clothing, and she has to call for help for someone to get the dog off of her. Just wearing a shirt with long sleeves is starting to trigger it now, and she will play-attack my sister when she is just petting her calmly.

My mom and sister insist she's just a puppy and will continue to do this until she's two. I don't think it will magically be fixed when she's an adult. They also think she may be "overtired", but she never seems to run out of energy. Please can someone help me understand what's happening? I have a suggested a professional trainer, but they have taken offense to that because they have invested SO much time and energy training her themselves.

Would really appreciate any advice 😫

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