Older female dog (9 years), usually kind and quiet now showiing agressive behaviour after running away from me and attacking a dog. What can i do?

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So i have a dog rescued from a litter, shes always been shy and scared and ran away from people she didnt know. She got more social with the years. To the point i took her to the cofee shop and she just sits here and hangs out with whoever is talking to me, she never barks or growls at anyone.
The only problem i had with her is the ocasional dog who barks at her on walks and she and the dog proceed to pull on the leash towards each other. The dogs bark but she doesnt. Other dogs that come to her she just smells them and hangs near them waging her tail.

The problem is:

Two days ago i was siting in the same cofee shop and got distracted ligthing a cigarret when i see her running towards the street before i could properly grab her leash. One of the gods that always barks at her had just turned the corner. Before i could reach her she had already reached the dog and when i turned the small wall of the cofeeshop she was holding the dog by the neck and waving her head around. I separated them and she didnt bark or tried to go after him again she just stood there with her tongue out.

I got freaked out and tried to see if the dog was okay but the owner just picked him up and went home.
I went back to the coffee shop, and the owner of the coffee shop went to get his puppy, my dog usually is cool with them but when he barked in the owners lap she instantly tried to grab him.
Yesterday i went with her for a walk and she was just smelling another dog but as soon as the other dog barked she tried to bite its ears.

What can i do to fix this beahvior? Any idea of what caused it? Feel free to ask for any info you need.

Thanks in advance.

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