Older dog suddenly aggressive towards some dogs

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I adopted my pug 9years ago. he just turned 10. he's been friendly around lots of other dogs and cats. was just us and the cat for a little over a year after a couple other dogs had passed away.

2 years ago adopted a year old corgi. and a year ago an 8year old pug. all male, all neutered.

he's become increasingly aggressive towards the other dogs. first it was toys, then it's over any sort of food, sometimes over whos giving someone else attention. the other pug is afraid of him and backs away but my corgi and him will go at each other. I usually catch this before it happens but it's getting to be way too frequent.

I don't know why he's acting like this. he wasn't like this before the last addition. when it was just him and corgi, they were really close. now it's like none of them are close.

any advice? I dont even know where to start.

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