Older dog is nipping at puppy

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So- this might be a wall of text but I’m so tired and could use some help. We have three dogs, a four year old boxer, three year old bull terrier, and our newest addition, a baby basset hound. The boxer has welcomed our basset as a new friend and has done exceptionally well. The bull terrier, however, not so much. In fact, they’ve never even been able to be in the same room or outside together without each being on separate leashes, one in a crate, etc. because the bull terrier immediately bites at the puppy as soon as he gets close to her. Every. Single. Time. He isn’t growling or showing teeth or showing any other signs of aggression, so I’m wondering if this may be his high prey drive and him thinking she’s a snack? There’s no sniffing first, or any attempts to get familiar with her, just instant nip. He hasn’t been around any other small dogs, but he’s fine with larger dogs in daycare or with friends bigger dogs. He does viciously go after squirrels or any other small animals that make their way in to our yard. So our hopefully temporary solution has been to just keep them separated at all times. But because of covid I am home alone with three dogs and my kids while also working from home- which means they all spend more time in their crates than I would like while the other is out. If it is prey drive do I just wait it out until she’s bigger and try again? She will be near his size. Do I need to rehome our basset since she’s the newest to our “pack”? Any help is appreciated. We’ve considered having a professional trainer come in to our home, but would like to try anything we can ourselves before we commit to that expense and opening ourselves up to more exposure during a pandemic…

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