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I recently rescued a 6 month puppy from a Shelter. We didn’t connect at first and I feel like this puppy doesn’t like being in this home. She’s been with us for two weeks and hates her kennel (tail in, and doesn’t get in involuntarily, but she doesnt whine once placed in and i give her lots of cheese and feed her food there throughout the day) doesnt open up or accept treats, and has peed indoors. Her story (we called the shelter because we thought she was previously abused by how timid she was at first) is that her previous owner died and the neighbor brought her in along with her other littermates. She was in a foster to adopt for 3 weeks but apparently was going after the chickens and the foster decided to not keep her. It’s been difficult to train her since she sees no incentives to treats. I’m worried about her well being because of the pandemic, I cant take her to any training programs with socialization because of the pandemic. Please help me how to get this puppy to open up to her new home and feel comfortable. We think she may be depressed because all she does is sleep all day, even though she’s Australian shepherd and golden retriever mix.

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