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Hi there 👋

So my pup is just over a year now and is overall pretty great! He is a larger toy poodle and was crate trained until around 10months.

Overall we had a harder time with toilet training where he was having accidents up until a year and even a couple accidents recently but from what I can tell they were because he was busting to go. Although these days, he is sleeping in his bed all night approx 12hours without having to go out most days.

What I'm trying to work through at the moment is that if he is active, at a friend's house, playing etc he will need to go out almost every hour. And basically once he decides he needs to go out, we only have like 5-10mins before he will pee. (This has also been happening in the middle of the night where he woke up, decided he needed to pee and would just go in the bedroom.. thank gosh it was just on tiles)

Basically I think I'm trying to figure out how to teach him to hold on for longer?

At the moment as soon as he shows signs of needing to go we take him straight out, trying to avoid more accidents but I'm worried this isn't teaching him to hold it/strengthening the muscles needed to hold?

Also I'm kinda hoping this will just improve as he gets older but just wondering if anyone had any tips to help move it along?

Thanks friends! 🥰🐾

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