normal puppy behavior, or aggression?

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My 14 week old goldendoodle has become a literal monster. I don't know if it's quarantine or what, but I feel like with each passing day she's regressing more and more. I'm enforcing naps, giving her plenty of opportunities to go on walks, trying to play with her, and providing mental stimulation through training/food puzzles. However, no matter what, all she wants to do is bite me.

She'll growl and try to grab at me. If she catches my arm, she'll shake her head back and forth while I try to pry my arm away. When she bites, I get up and go to another room, but she truly just isn't getting the memo. God forbid I wear pants or leggings because then I literally cannot detach her from myself. Sometimes when we go on walks now she'll just growl and jump and bite at my legs so much until I'm bleeding. She's acting like a literal lunatic as if she has zoomies 24/7. I try to interact with her, but she just wants to bite me. She has no interest in her toys. If I try to ignore her, she just barks and lunges and bites. The only way I get a break is if I put her in her crate. If she's out of her crate, I'm being bitten the entire time unless I'm giving her treats. I feel like I'm not being a good dog mom because I don't even want to play with her anymore because it's just painful for me. I don't want to crate her often (aside from her enforced naps), but I'm going to lose my sanity if she doesn't stop biting.

I try to reward her when she's being calm/gentle (ex. licking me instead of biting), but the treats (even when I'm just giving her kibble) seem to make her more excited which leads to more biting. She's super food motivated, but as soon as the treats stop, the biting resumes. Plus, I don't want to feel like I have to be giving her treats all day.

I've tried to talk to my breeder about this, but she honestly has me feeling hopeless. She's acting like this behavior is so bizarre/abnormal and that my puppy should not be biting this much. She said "I would never let my puppy do me like that." I feel like I'm following all the suggestions and guidelines, but maybe I'm still messing up somewhere. I don't feel like my puppy is being aggressive because she can be so sweet, but I don't know. Is this biting "too severe"? Or is this still normal puppy behavior? No matter how consistent I am with walking away/ignoring her when she bites, she just doesn't seem to get the hint. It's like she only wants to play with me if she's biting me.

I'm just scared that I'm somehow not doing enough and that there's going to be "irreversible damage" and that she actually will just become straight up aggressive. Any advice/validation/anything is really appreciated. I feel really overwhelmed and sad

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