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Our 13 week old lab is super super food motivated and is also really good at puzzles. We got a "level 3" puzzle that will take him 10 minutes max now to get all the kibble inside. Generally with this he'll go 15 ish minutes in the crate without whining but I want to keep pushing this time up more as I'm worried about separation anxiety and stuff. I think there's one more difficult level that I've seen but rather than rely on escalating puzzles I want him to be able to be entertained without the puzzle so I'm trying to find toys or games that can keep him entertained without being food based because when it's food based, he finishes it and then loses interest.

I try to do some crate training in the morning and afternoon with just soft toys that he likes but so far he seems to get bored on his own after 5 or 6 minutes. At dinner time we stick him in with the puzzle and he seems to get bored 5 or 6 minutes after minutes after getting the last bit of food. Current plan is just to keep pushing both of those times up but just figured it would be worth checking if anyone can suggest any toys that might keep him entertained for longer that he can't finish with because he got all the food out.

Worth noting that in general he loves the crate, went straight to it on day 1 with no coaxing necessary, and sleeps in it fine both at night and throughout the day.

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