No sleep, behind on work but I can’t blame the puppy.

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I'm in college living at home and about 3 weeks ago my mom went and got a puppy. If you ask me it was a impulse buy. My mom's technologically illiterate so I doubt any research was put in. Any research on what breed would be best for her or breed maintenance etc. She's mentioned she wanted one in the past but I was against it because I know her she has little patience. I just like my current schedule and don't want it shifted unless I do it. Yet she went and brought one anyway.

For reference I don't hate dogs at all but I've never been head over heels for a animal.

But since getting this puppy I feel like I'm the one doing the most for it. Infact I'm typing this while sleeping on the couch in the middle of the night because the puppy has some separation anxiety and wakes up through the night.(if you have any tips on that I'm all ears). I can't get much sleep. I'm the one paying the most attention to the puppy making sure she avoids wires and stays away from small easy to reach places for her. Hell this night I found poop in some easy to reach places for my dog. My mother is responsible for watching her during the day as I try to catch up on sleep and work. But the effort isn't matching me. If she was more observant she would of seen the puppy and acted quicker. My lack of sleep, the barking, the nipping, the repeat sound of my mom calling the puppies name to get her attention is just stressing me out. I missed a class the other day cause I slept through it, I blinked And 4 hours flew by. I know it's not the puppies fault but I can't help but dislike her.

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